Surah Sajdah #2 & Fussilat #1

Memorised Surah Sajdah completely in Ramadan Alhamdulillah. I dropped the idea of memorising Yaseen since I joined a Hifdh class (which started last week) and I wanted to make sure I did a proper chunk so I started with Fussliat. InshaAllah will complete until Jathiyah by December.


It is Ramadan!


Assalam alaykum,

Finally the blessed month is here and it has been an absolute delight Alhamdulillah to have kick-started my Qur’an memorisation before the first night 😊 And reading the new memorisations in taraweeh is an excellent way to revise since it reinforces the memory.

May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala accept from us our deeds in this month of Ramadan, ease for us our memorisation, help us retain what we have memorised from the Qur’an, forgive our sins and grant us the highest degree of success in this life and the hereafter.

Ramadan Mubarak 😺

Hifdh With ADHD Hacks No. 1: Shorter Sessions

This makes a lot of sense to me 0.0

The Hifdh Club


Try working in mini sessions with smaller targets.   Working in short bursts helps to maintain focus and motivation. 5-15 minutes may seem too little to some but for them its perfect.

This is a somewhat extreme example of  a short session versus a longer one:

1. Complete concentration for a small amount of time.

2.  Complete concentration  for a small amount of the time then, trying to stop your mind from wandering for the rest of the session.

Things don’t always go this way but this shows an example of how it can be when you have a short attention span.
Studying this way can help keep things interesting and stop them from making the negative association of boredom with hifdh and Allah knows best.

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