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Assalamu alaykum.

For my motto this year I chose the quote:

I enjoy hardwork, I love setting goals and achieving them.


It is extremely important to work hard and set goals for one to be productive and make progress. This however wasn’t the main reason I chose this quote, dear reader.

I once upon a time used to be a very responsible kid who did all her work on time, kept her room tidy, did her share of chores at home and also made time for hobbies. When I recollect these times I also remember that I used to keep a bunch of post-its and check off tasks as I completed them. As I got older this habit wore off and of course I started to slack off. So in the middle of last year I started my bullet journal to get back on track but that alone did little help. So this year inshaAllah I’d hold on to my motto and start to love and enjoy all my chores, set short term goals and check them off bit by bit.

That’s all for today, folks.


Al-Maher bil-Qur’aan


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